1. Yesterday a bunch of grown women and I swung around on ropes avoiding windows and counters. It was glorious.

  2. I’m in this Metaphysical Joe! This series of videos is both goofy and self helpy! 

  3. bettersupes:

    Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You is a project where superheroes are drawn based on the costumes of young girls.

    This is Shooting Star! With her corkscrew pigtails and her Chucks of justice, she flits through the night shooting stars to turn darkness into light. 

    Drawn by yours truly,
    Alex Law

    This should be real!

  4. edasalazar:


    the pinnacle of arnold’s career


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  5. starline:

    Worked with Lucid Potato to help make the graphics for this Metromile spot. 

  6. davidfuternick:

    "Weird Al" Yankovic Foil

    I briefly appear in a Weird Al music video for the second time.  First time was in this one. So #Blessed

  7. cindymayweather:

    Comedian Hari Kondabolu on David Letterman (x)

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  8. alexrichanbach:

    Oh no. My feelings about this are so mixed.


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  9. Dating Dealbreakers

    1. If they don’t tip well

    2. If they say mean things (if they say something mean or condescending especially if it’s directed towards me…then I’m out cuz they’ll probably just get meaner with time.)

    3. If they hate all of their exes or all of their exes hate them (it becomes pretty obvious who’s the common denominator in those situations.)

    Also pretty depressing what’s happening in Israel/Palestine, there has to be a way for things to be more stable and healthy without the murder filled and then insanely over the top unwarranted responses :/ 

  10. starline:


    About 2 years ago when I first started planning art show curating, one theme in particular was at the top of my list. And now it’s finally happening!!


    MEATBALL HEAD: An Art Gallery Celebrating Over 20 Years of Sailor Moon

    For Love and Justice! Meatball Head is an artistic celebration of the beloved Japanese phenomenon Sailor Moon, brought to you by over 100 talented artists from around the industry. Curated by Nico Colaleo!

    After fighting evil by moonlight, you are coordially welcomed to join us for the opening reception at Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics (7522  Sunset  Blvd, Los Angeles) from 7pm-11pm, Saturday, August 16th 2014! Enjoy free beer and wine, along with Sailor Moon-themed entertainment, decor, surprises, and photo-ready backdrops. Start planning now, because in the name of the Moon, you’re not going to want to miss this fantastic evening!

    Poster by W. Scott Forbes and Benjamin Anders!

    Featuring work by Kelsy Abbott, Aaron Alexovich, Natasha Allegri, Benjamin Anders, Kim Arndt, Whitney Avalon, Atomikitty, Jessica Borutski, Matt Brailey, Kaitlin Callahan, Heather Carlton, Emily Choi, Tony Christopherson, Daisy Church, Jenny Colaleo, Nico Colaleo, Victor Courtright, Alexandra Coward, Dave Crosland, Nick Cross, Cheyenne Curtis, Jack Cusumano, Teri Cusumano, Zan Czyzewski, Becky Dreistadt, Brianne Drouhard, Rachel Dukes, Julianne Eckert, Michelle Fealk, Jenny Fine, W. Scott Forbes, Kate Freund, Phylicia Fuentes, Gyimah Gariba, Andrea Gertsmann, Tais Ghelli, Carson Giles, J.R. Goldberg, Lorraine Grate, Jessie “Velociraptor” Greenberg, Gina Gress, Monica Grue, Sarah Harkey, Haylee Herrick, Brenda Hickey, Starline Hodge, Geneva Hodgson, Robert Iza, Henrique Jardim, Jert, Ke Jiang, Josh Karp, Valerie Keiser, Jisoo Kim, Seo Kim, Natasha Kline, L.M. Knight, Chris Korn, Kate Laird, Jess Lane, Max Lawson, Melissa Levengood, Alice Meichi Li, Kevin Sukho Lee, Joanna Leitch, Jean Liang, Troy Little, Lindsey Lydecker, Kathryn Marusik, Perin McClean, Erin McGathy, Kali Meadows, Carly Mizzou, Csenge Kara Molnar, Zoe Moss, Megan Nairn, Daron Nefcy, Brent Noll, Rocky Olivares, Hannah Nance Partlow, Shadi Petosky, Elisa Phillips, Chris Pianka, Sara Pocock, Whitney Pollett, Julia Prescott, Emily Quinn, Sandra Rivas, Willy Roberts, Jennifer Ruiz, Austin Salmi, Katie Shanahan, Sarah Simes, David C. Smith, Bob Suarez, Thom Foolery, Babs Tarr, Arica Tuesday, Julia Vickerman, Jamie Vickers, Jeff Victor, Lynn Wang, Jason Whetzell, Jeremy Wojchihosky, Eddie Xu, Jessica Yost, zero., and more!

    Woot! I’m going to have a piece in this show! :D