1. smallbysmall:

    Flying tree pose for Earth day. At Up Flying Yoga with me, Kim & Katie

    Happy Earth Day!!!

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  2. colchrishadfield:

    The cool stuff of later nightmares. It moves. Art from the unusual minds of Poetic Kinetics.


    My uncle helped build the astronaut.

  3. smallbysmall:




    I saw this before and IT GOT BETTER.

    I need one.

    This is pretty much the best thing ever.

    Omg, want one now!!!

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  4. cirqueschool:


    Yay!  Jennifer finally put this up on youtube.  Behold the awesome!

    contortion + cats = YUP!

  5. radissonclaire:

    Kristina Dynina (x)

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  6. http://porn4jews.tumblr.com/ (These may only be hilarious to me because I’m in Israel.)

  7. smallbysmall:

    More dachshund!

    If we had a family crest it would be a dachshund (but a wire haired one.)

  8. jesslane:




    My favorite

    What is this?! I want to watch all of this!!!

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  9. jimmymarble:


    So happy to finally start sharing “Trapped” by the Subs ft Colonel Abrams

    Directed by Jimmy Marble, DP Kelly Moore, Production Design Ashley Fenton, Costuming by Chandra Chavez

    Starring Bethany Toews


    Just want to make sure you saw this.  

    Jimmy made this video and it’s a great song.

  10. nightmareandthecat:

    New song and lyric video out today! Buy it here.

    Yay Django and company!